Here at Fields Volkswagen, we have a vast inventory of the best new and pre-owned Volkswagen models for sale like the 2019 Volkswagen Passat. However, whether you’re shopping for a new 2019 model or not, most people don’t end up paying cash outright for a late model vehicle. That’s where car loans come in.

Getting a car loan is a fantastic way to finance your new vehicle without breaking the bank. That said, getting a car loan can be a confusing process for some drivers. Here at your Daytona Beach Volkswagen dealership, we want to help you have the best experience possible, so, we’re providing some tips for getting your next car loan.


The first step we recommend before visiting us is to determine your budget. You’ll need to calculate how much you can realistically afford each month. Keep in mind that a longer loan term may result in lower monthly payments, but you’ll be making more of them and typically with a higher interest rate. To help you when figuring out your budget, we recommend picking out the car you want and its price, so you know what you’re dealing with in terms of payments.

Next, you’ll want to check your credit score and reports. Understanding your credit score will give you some idea of what your interest rate may be, which in turn will help you when budgeting.

While we have excellent loan options here at our Volkswagen dealership, we encourage you to shop around for car loans through your bank or online lenders so that you can get the best deal possible.

Once you know where your credit stands and what your budget is, you’ll want to research and pick out your loan payment schedule. Car loans typically come in 3-, 4-, 5-, and 6-year terms. The longer the loan, the lower the payments; however, you’ll end up paying more in the end.

Finally, the best way to get a car loan that works best for you and have peace of mind is to get pre-approved. By being pre-approved, you can shop for your next car with confidence. If you have any questions, we invite you to visit us at 1270 N Tomoka Farms Rd today to discuss your car loan options.