At Fields Volkswagen, we don’t just offer a wide variety of Volkswagen cars for sale. We also help local drivers here in Daytona Beach and the surrounding areas when they need maintenance for their vehicle. In our auto service center, we handle all your automotive needs, including important work like brake maintenance.

Brake service is complex, so you may be wondering why you should trust our Volkswagen service center in particular with such an intricate job. Our service center should be your first stop because we’re qualified to do the job and we make getting the maintenance you need as convenient as possible. Our factory-trained technicians know your vehicle inside and out. They use only dependable, genuine OEM parts when making repairs, so you know that their work will hold up. We make it easy to schedule an appointment online and we offer convenient hours, including Saturday availability. There’s no reason to go anywhere else.

Your Volkswagen car’s brake system is made up of many components and we’re able to fix and maintain all of them. There’s the brake pads, which can start to reduce braking power when they get worn down over time. Brake rotors are a crucial part of the braking system, and generic replacement parts for them just don’t offer the performance and reliability you need. We’ll also check brake fluid levels and your brake lines, to make sure that the message is getting to the rest of the car when you hit that brake pedal. With proper brake maintenance and the experts at our Volkswagen service center by your side, the road will be a safer place for you and your Volkswagen vehicle.

So visit our Volkswagen dealership and service center today. Whether you’re shopping for a new car or just trying to take great care of the one that you have now, we’re ready to assist you. We look forward to seeing you!