At Fields Volkswagen, we are obsessed with everything Volkswagen, as one can expect. We’re a Florida VW dealer that is always excited to share with our customers what is next for the Volkswagen brand, and just recently, it’s been confirmed that the Volkswagen bus, once thought of as a concept only, will have a triumphant release.

The Volkswagen bus is an iconic vehicle. While discontinued, the bus has continued to be a beloved classic, purchased and renovated by VW bus lovers everywhere. Recently, Volkswagen created a modern imagining of the Volkswagen bus. While initially limited to purely concept, the buzz surrounding this electric concept vehicle has pushed Volkswagen into officially releasing the vehicle to the public.

Known as the Volkswagen I.D Buzz, this sleek, and futuristic Volkswagen bus is a blend between the classic styling of the original bus and the other modern vehicles in the Volkswagen family lineup. For starters, the Volkswagen I.D Buzz is expected to be completely electric, and evidence suggests that the reinvention of this VW bus is going to have a four-wheel-drive option. The VW I.D Buzz prototype engine earned 369 horsepower and had a range of 373 miles, so we can expect something similar for the official release.

The Volkswagen I.D Buzz is expected to have a truly unique interior, and if it is anything like the concept, should really stand out from competitor vehicles. From the LED lights to the central touchscreen panel, the Volkswagen I.D Buzz is going to be a game changer. Unfortunately, we might have to wait till sometime in 2022 before we can get behind the wheel of one.

While the Volkswagen I.D Buzz is still a long way out, our team at Fields Volkswagen Daytona are more than willing to help you take the edge off, and set you up with a test drive of some of our other new VW cars for sale. Regardless of what you’re automotive needs are, we’ve got you covered at Fields Volkswagen Daytona.