While we don’t experience the same harsh winters here in the Daytona Beach, FL area as other parts of the country, now is still the perfect time to freshen up your car with some spring cleaning. Whether you’re driving a new 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan or a Volkswagen Golf you’ve enjoyed for years, a little bit of spring cleaning is the best way to make your car feel new.

Here at Fields Volkswagen, we believe that a clean and happy car makes all the difference. After all, with the time we spend behind the wheel, having a clean vehicle goes a long way. Here are some tips when it comes to spring cleaning.

Although bringing in your Volkswagen model for routine services like an oil change and tire rotation are great measures to take, there are several things you can do at home. We recommend giving the exterior of your car a good washing, whether you bring it to a car wash or wash it at home. A clean exterior is one of the best ways to prevent rust and give your car a fresh, new look.

Even though we don’t have the same types of winters here, winter is still a time that many of us find ourselves accumulating items that we’ve stored in our cars. Take some time to remove those items that you no longer need in your vehicle like a jacket or sweater. Likewise, make sure to remove any trash that you may have laying around. To remove any dust, use a light cleaning spray with a microfiber cloth for best results. You’ll also notice a significant difference in cleanliness after you vacuum the seats, floor mats, and even the trunk.

Spring cleaning your car is the perfect way to put winter behind you and start the spring and summer seasons right. Visit our Daytona Beach Volkswagen dealership today to get expert Volkswagen service just in time for spring.