At Fields Volkswagen, we are more than just the home of a team of skilled Florida VW dealers; we also dedicate ourselves to helping you make the most out of your VW driving experience. Part of making that possible means giving you pro-tips to ensure your drive isn’t just pleasurable, but safe as well.

Safety is a huge deal for Volkswagen. Many of their latest vehicles are tooled with a variety of intuitive safety features that proactively protect drivers from dangerous road hazards. What kind of road hazards can VW’s design choices protect you from? The list is long, but one of the major dangers of the road is simply the other drivers that you share the road with.

Fortunately, Volkswagen provides drivers with a feature known as Front Assist, their version of automatic emergency braking. Essentially, this system grabs control of your brakes and activates them in order to lessen the damage caused by an accident, and in some cases, avoiding a collision altogether. Other drivers can be incredibly unpredictable, and through Front Assist, you can ensure you stay one step ahead of this unpredictability factor.

Drivers passing in and out of your blind spot can be another risk factor for drivers. Thankfully, through Volkswagen’s blind-spot detection system, you will be alerted when a car is in your blind spot. While not full proof, this feature, as well as many others, can give you an edge of safety against the dangers of the road.

If you’re looking for a VW for sale with innovative safety technology designed with you in mind, our team at Fields Volkswagen is here for you. We’ll walk you through our showroom and show you just why Volkswagen has earned a reputation for incredible safety.