Whenever you’re looking for a new Volkswagen car for sale, feel free to visit our Volkswagen dealership near Deland, FL. You can rely on our dealership to provide all the latest Volkswagen models, and you depend on our factory-trained technicians to service your vehicle throughout its working life.  

One of the most important components on your car is its battery. Your car battery is single-handedly responsible for starting your engine and supplying power for many systems, like your infotainment touchscreen. Given all that your battery is responsible for, it’s vital that you give it the care it’s rightfully due.  

The most effective way you can extend the life of your battery is by visiting our Volkswagen service department regularly. Our technicians will test your battery, clean its terminals, and check its fluid levels. We’ll also make sure that your battery is securely fastened in its proper position. If your battery isn’t tightly secured, it can rattle around while you drive, which eventually impacts its effectiveness. 

While our team can do a lot of things to tend to your battery, you can do some services on your own. For starters, you should limit the number of short drives you take in favor of longer ones. Taking extended trips or drives that last 30 minutes or more allow your battery to reach a full charge, which prolongs its life. You can also refrain from using your vehicle’s electronics whenever you’re idling. If you’re going to idle during traffic, turn off your car’s electronics to prevent your battery from experiencing avoidable wear and tear.  

For more tips on how to make your battery last, contact Fields Volkswagen today!