As your go-to Daytona Beach Volkswagen dealers, we consider it our responsibility to be a valued resource for area motorists regardless of the type of vehicle they drive. That’s why we always make time to answer customer questions honestly and transparently. While we can’t tell you what the next winning lottery numbers will be, we can answer any car-related questions you might have.

Here are some of the automotive questions we get asked most often.

  • Is it really that important for me to keep up with my routine maintenance schedule? Yes, it is. Following your routine maintenance schedule will prevent small issues from becoming big problems. It will also prolong your vehicle’s useful life and allow you to command top dollar if you eventually sell your automobile.
  • Why would anyone buy a pre-owned vehicle? There are several meaningful benefits that typically motivate people to purchase a pre-owned Volkswagen car. Arguably, the most significant one is that getting a previously-owned car prevents you from experiencing the rapid depreciation that takes place in the first few years a vehicle is privately owned.
  • Which is smarter: buying or leasing? When people contact our Volkswagen dealership near Palm Coast, FL with this question, we don’t just have one set answer to provide. That’s because choosing between those viable options depends on factors that are unique to every driver. If you need help choosing between buying and leasing, get in touch with our experts in our Volkswagen finance center.
  • Will I get a better deal if I shop near closing time? No. You’ll be offered the same deals no matter when you shop at our Volkswagen dealership.

If you have a question that’s not answered in this blog, contact Fields Volkswagen so we can answer it for you now!