We’ve been Central Florida Volkswagen dealers long enough to know that some area drivers don’t really know what they should keep an eye out for during a test drive. Knowing what to look for is vital because a test drive is what allows you to figure out whether a given vehicle is the best pick for you. For this reason, we thought it would be a good idea to share some tips for your next test drive. 

Whether you want to see how a new or used Volkswagen model handles while drivingyou should contact our Volkswagen dealership near Port Orange, FL before you arrive. By scheduling a test drive in advance, you’ll be able to make the most of your time, which is important if you’re going to try out multiple cars on the same day. 

Before you even slip behind the wheel, it’s wise to perform a visual inspection of the car you’re going to test. Walk around the vehicle and look for any dings or dents. Look under the hood and don’t be shy about hitting the ground to get a look at the car’s underpinnings. 

After your inspection, you should see how comfortable the seats are. Don’t settle for just trying out the driver’s seat. Get a feel for every seat to ensure your passengers will be as comfy as you will be in the car. 

When you pull away from the dealership, look out for any blind spots. Make sure the controls are within easy reach. Test the brakes and be mindful of how quickly the transmission responds to your input. Don’t forget to take the vehicle on the highway so you can see how fast it can reach the appropriate speed. 

For more tips about what to look for during a test drive, get in touch with our dealers at Fields Volkswagen today.