You always hope that it doesn’t happen to you, however, no matter how well-built your car is, accidents do happen. If you’re driving around the Daytona Beach, FL area and get a flat tire, don’t worry.

Here at Fields Volkswagen of Daytona, we want to help. That’s why we’re providing a quick guide on what to do when you get a flat.

The first and most important thing to do if you get a flat tire is to quickly and safely get to a safe spot. Pull over onto the shoulder of the road or down a side street. To make changing your tire easier, look for flat pavement if possible.

Once you’re in a safe location, you’ll need to find your spare tire and necessary tools. If you’re driving a vehicle like the 2019 Volkswagen Jetta, you can find your spare tire underneath the floor mat in the trunk. Spare tires may also be located on the back of the vehicle or underneath. You can find your tire jack and tire iron near the spare tire, typically in the trunk.

Before you jack up your vehicle, you’ll need to loosen the wheel lugs. However, before you do that, make sure your car is in Park, the emergency brake is engaged, and your hazard lights are on. Loosen the lugs by turning the tire iron counterclockwise until you can unscrew them by hand.

Before you attempt to remove the tire completely, you’ll need to jack up the car. Now you can remove the flat tire and install the spare. Position the spare tire over the wheel studs and ensure it sits flush with the brake hub. Tighten the lugs by hand until you feel resistance.

Finally, lower the jack and finish tightening the lugs with the tire iron. Then, be sure to visit our Daytona Beach Volkswagen dealership as soon as possible for expert Volkswagen service like tire repair or replacement.